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One Website for AllBuilding a better user experience.

No matter the scenario, design can make or break your customer's experience with your company.

How is your design interacting with your users? How is it catching their attention and leading them through a process? Does your current system translate well to multiple scenarios &/or devices? Where and when are you losing customers?

I currently am working on website design and development, brand development, responsive web design, mobile projects, and much more.

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Designs & More

After reviewing the pros and cons for a separate mobile site and doing some good reading, we came to the conclusion that a new Responsive Theme was the best option for their...

Resource Management Group Inc here in Wichita asked me to give their site a fresh modern look.

It needed to be geared towards people in the field and in the office.

I split the website layout into 3...

The Unified Party Bus here in Wichita needed a design that was easy to use on mobile devices, both tablets and smartphones. Instead of building another site just for mobile they decided to design for all devices at...

Blog & More

Website experienced on a smartphone and tablet

One of the most important questions to ask yourself when designing is 'who will experience it'?

Defining who your users are first allows you to focus your efforts towards their needs...

Your website should be fluent (and brilliant) across every device with a browser.

Typically your website looks perfect on a laptop or a pc. What happens when a mobile user pulls it up? Do they have to pinch...

Spring is the season for trade-shows! I was approached by Cladding Corp to help design their space in the upcoming AIA 2012 National Convention and Design Exposition. 

Drupalcon Denver

I was just...