I am a designer currently located in Wichita, KS. My forte is developing websites, but I design across all mediums per the clients' needs. Peruse through our projects page to learn more about what I do and browse the blog to see what's going on. Get in touch with me using the connect page.

Here's a brief history completely written in the 3rd person.

Barrett Morgan Design LLC started out in the summer of 2005 in a friend's basement in southeast Wichita. Barrett graduated from Wichita State University from the Mechanical Engineering department where he recognized he had a big entrepreneurial spirit. Out of an extremely math driven technical education, a design business was built from scratch. At first you think they don't go together, graphic design and engineering, but with both skill-sets it's been quite an adventure.

With help from many friends and family, and a lot of lunches and meetings with business professionals throughout the country, the business built itself through the people who wanted to see it grow. Wichita is a small enough city so that both word of mouth and talent can drive a small business to success. We're very lucky to have the clients we have, and are thankful each day they bring us new projects.

In August of 2008 we moved into the Coe Financial Services building in Tallgrass Office Park. In 2011 we moved to the Labor Party offices in Old Town, a co-working space that is engineered for growth and small businesses.

Throughout the early years it has been just Barrett working on everything, most of the time it still is. If things ever get out of hand,  there are a few choice people and only bits of a project that are outsourced, mostly to other contractors in Wichita.

Give us a call and let us know what you think we could help you with, and we'll find a solution that fits you best.

Barrett Morgan Design LLC - Est 2005


Just a few of our clients

A few of Barrett Morgan Design LLC's Clients