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Here’s a story about a brand that we are thankful for.

So I saw a cool patagonia shirt about living within your means over at their online store. A pair of scissors cutting up a credit card. goo.gl/AGZ7r

I wanted to get it for my wife but I didn’t want to pay with a credit card online. We don’t live near a patagonia store. We do live near a retailer who carries some of their products but it was a new release and I was eager.

I sent a twitter message out questioning how I could purchase it with cash. I didn’t want my wife to get the grief that would come from buying the shirt with a card.

They tweeted a message back about it and tagged me (my heart jumped out of my chest a little, huge patagonia fan), and said they could figure something out.

I called the 800 number they gave and a nice sales guy got on the line. It was similar to talking with a hiking buddy after a day trip. Chill, relaxed, and could do anything to help you out.

He said I could do a mail order, pay by check, and they would ship the item once they received my payment by mail. All transactions would be from real money, justifying the message of the shirt.

The reason I’m sharing this on here is to give a good example of social media marketing. A one man design shop in Wichita Kansas got a response from the most environmentally active international outdoor clothing company in the world. All through twitter and then a phone call. This is what social media is about, connecting real people to real people.

They are doing a fantastic job.

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