Going Out Into Nature

Barrett Morgan Design LLC | Wichita, Kansas

This advice is often given to those looking for inspiration for a complex problem.

So what happens when you go outside and get away from it all? When you really take initiative and break away for awhile?

You first start to slowly forget the daily grind of responsibilities and distractions. You don’t have to submit reports to 3 different supervisors and get administrative approval to do anything. You can take whatever trail you want, go in whatever direction you desire, and have complete freedom to be where you are.

The most important things in life are seen a little more clearly at this point. You have instant access to your brain and heart without the daily distractions.

You see things clearly. You relax a bit to catch your breath. And when you want to start thinking again, really thinking, you have total freedom to let your mind wander around like it did when you were a child.

The little bit of vulnerability you feel without the daily distractions is rejuvenating and makes you want to solve the worlds problems or paint a masterpiece as quickly as you can. A lot of people invent new things, or get creative right away. Some just take the time to relax and feel human again.

For designers getting out in nature is a good way to clear your artistic pallet. In design we often get used to the same look and feel, which makes it challenging to move forward and progress.

Nature’s design is often inspiring, and we can see things we haven’t ever noticed before which inspires us to get back to the drawing board in a new fanatical way.

Nature isn’t bubbly with glossy icons, it’s textured with intricate layers of every tone of color you can imagine. It’s awesome.

If you’re a photographer, you know Macro lenses see the details. If you’re ever board of the same landscape, grab your macro lens and zoom in to the texture of the land right at your feet.

Life isn’t meant to be spent in a cube, or behind a desk. However you can, whenever the opportunity comes, get outside and be human again.

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